General Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions with regard to the eligibility, validity period and refund available under COMTEL are as mentioned below:


COMTEL has made no representations or warranties other than those expressed herein; and Comtel specifically disclaims any other representations or warranties.

This Agreement represents the entire understanding and supersedes all prior statements, agreements and understandings, if any, either oral or written. Before starting Live Trading, please ensure that you have taken sufficient training and properly tested the Trading Platform and the respective strategy for its smooth functioning, as per your expectations.

Technology failure and glitches are inevitable and unintentional. Any losses due to this will not be borne by Comtel. Please take necessary precautions.


Users of Comtel agree to indemnify and hold harmless Comtel and its employees, directors, officers and representatives from any and all losses, claims, expenses and liabilities (including attorney – client expenses) directly on account of failure or breach in complying with any of the obligations set out herein whether arising under this Agreement or otherwise.

Intellectual Property

The documents and Features, Commercial, Systems described in the offer are confidential and proprietary to Comtel and may not be reproduced, published or disclosed to others without company written authorization.

The product is licensed and not sold. Comtel continues to own and maintain the Intellectual Property of the software and all the items licensed herein.

Refund Policy

We acknowledge that any payment (including part payments) towards services / fees once paid is not refundable. The decision of Comtel shall be final and binding.