Enterprise WiFi Solutions

Comtel was the first Technology partner for deploying large scale Ruckus wireless solutions right from the early days of year 2004 onwords. We were convinced with the power and the importance of Wi-Fi and started deploying the solutions. Few prestigious installation includes Wi-Fi at Lavasa, Wadia college, Tata Institute of social scince(TISS), and many more in those early days. We offer the specialized wi-fi services with site   survey and the deployment of wi-fi equipment.

The solution covers following activity as Project considerations

  1. AP supporting 802.11 AC standards

  2. AP supporting higher number of concurrent sessions

  3. AP capable of MIMO 3x3

  4. AP supporting BeamFlex+ and Smart Mesh

  5. Device capable for both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Radio technology

  6. Secure Hotspot – compliant to industry standard Hotspot 2.0 version

  7. Fibre Node capable – last mile delivery via Fibre Medium

Device Considerations

Access Points

  1. Ruckus ZoneFlex – 7782  or 7782N

    1. 802.11ac

    2. MU-MIMO – 4x4

    3. Highest Concurrent session

    4. Both Narrow Beam and Wide Beam capable

  2. Flex Master / SmartZone Platform

    1. High Availability

    2. Multi Site capable