Specialised IT Services

  • Network Analysis - We conduct an in depth analysis of your existing network including all cable points, servers, routing and switching technology and use the results to determine if there are potential issues that should be addressed. On the basis of the results, we make recommendations for the future expansion and upgrade of the system
  • Site Survey : We provide the site survey for wired and wireless networking and Data center design .
  • Design and installation - The; Network Engineers will design the network based on the specific needs of the client's business. We will install and certify the correct type of media to ensure a scalable and expandable network infrastructure.
  • Documentation - We offer complete network and system documentation that can be used to plan upgrades and replacements for the existing system. We believe that such documentation is the first step in successful troubleshooting
  • Migration / Upgrades -We will help clients plan and implement a migration to another Network Operation System (NOS) or upgrade to a current version of the existing NOS.​
  • Troubleshooting - Our Network Engineers are experts at troubleshooting network/system problems on a variety of platforms.
  • Service Contracts - We offer service contracts tailored to client specific business needs. Our professional team of technicians will work with the client and other appropriate company representatives to ensure that the client systems are up and running with minimal disruption to their work environment. With our service contract, the client can be assured that their business will not suffer because of a malfunctioning network.​
  • Certification of Networks -We Conduct the Scanning of installed Network with the Specialized Scanner and produce the report identifying the noise level, resistance, and loop back connections.